Lolette Gentry

Lolette Gentry

Trustee Ministry Chair

Lolette Gentry currently serves as the Chairperson of the Trustee Ministry. She has been a Trustee at Second Baptist Church of Wheaton since 1998. Lolette, along with the Trustee Ministry team is responsible for the fiscal and material management of the church, including buildings and grounds.

Lolette is a native of Franklin, Tennessee. She has been a resident of Illinois since 1967 and a member of SBCW since 1980. Lolette confessed Christ as her personal savior at an early age and received her early spiritual training in the Church of God in Franklin, TN.

After receiving her elementary and high school education in Franklin, Lolette earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Tennessee State University. She was employed as an elementary school teacher in the Franklin School District for 5 years. After moving to Illinois, she studied Computer Science and held several positions with major corporations in the Information Technology field focusing on Financial Applications. Lolette retired as an IT specialist in 2006.

Lolette has been married to Howard since 1966, they have two children, and two granddaughters.