Sunday School

Christian Education Department  Summer 2017:  God’s Urgent Call  Unit 1: Called to Be Strong

“One size fits all” does not apply to how God calls people to serve him—or for that matter, to how people respond to his call. Both are illustrated time and again in this series on “God’s Urgent Call.”

Consider our first unit of lessons, drawn from the chaotic time of the judges in the Old Testament. God used the prophetess Deborah to call Barak to provide deliverance for God’s people from their oppressors (lesson 1). An angel of the Lord challenged Gideon to face the Midianites in battle (lesson 2). Jephthah was called by elders of Gilead to save Israel from the Ammonites (lesson 3). Samson’s “call” actually began with an announcement to a childless woman that she would give birth to a very special son who would deliver God’s people from the Philistines (lesson 4).

Lesson 1    Deborah and Barak      Judges 4:1-10
Lesson 2    Gideon                         Judges 6:11-18
Lesson 3    Jephthah                     Judges 11:4-11, 29-31
Lesson 4    Samson                      Judges 13:1-7, 24, 25