Jul 25

The Power of the Tongue

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There is a gift a tongues such that the bible speaks of 1 Corinthians. Spiritual tongues as given by the Holy Spirit are to edify God and to edify the body. Regardless of your doctrinal stand on "speaking in tongues", the concept is that the gift is to edify the body or can be used in prayer. Now to 'edify' means to instruct or improve -not tear-down or obscure.

Both the Books of Proverbs and James speak concerning the nature of the tongue and the need to control it. When a woman or man can't control their tongue, discipline and wisdom are lacking in the proper measure. Let us all pray for greater wisdom and self-control as the Bible teaches.

There is something referred to as a conniving spirit that manifest itself through the tongue. The conniving spirit uses the tongue to do the opposite of edify which is to confuse or make cloudy. Three types of tongues:
1.The Conniving Tongue
◦Lies, falsehood, deceit, slander, starts gossip and rumors, back-stabbing

2.The Careless Tongue
◦Quick-tongued; easy to anger. Lacks proper judgement; Keeps up gossip and rumors; foolish; short-sighted

3.The Controlled Tongue
◦Slow to speak; graceful & poised; reserved; considerate; esteeming; disarming

The primary purpose our tongue is to articulate sounds that bring glory to God.

We often talk about speaking into or using our words and our praise to change or set the atmosphere but how can the atmosphere be "set" when clouds of gossip, untruth, slander, disrespect, envy, animosity, confusion, bitterness and unforgiveness fill our spiritual skies?

Unfortunately NO ONE is immune. NO ONE is "right". NO ONE is justified. NO ONE can be excused. ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

It should also be said that the tongue has to be controlled in public and private settings. Because what's said in private can also be made evident "in the light" since what's said is a reflection of what's felt or thought at least at a particular point of time. So, "quiet is never kept" but held onto until it eventually comes out in the open.

The time is come to get it right and keep it right. The time has come to grow-up and mature in Christ and in life. The time has come to make swords into plowshares. The time has come to leave behind rank pettiness, silliness, foolishness, immaturity, strife and contentions and put on Christ, put on the whole armor of God and put on love!

Love does NOT excuse sin but "covers sin" in that it does NOT allow sin the exposure it desires to have. Sin wants to expose itself and infect the lives of others when slanderous things are said or wicked things are done BUT love "covers" that sin and prevents it from taking root in the heart, mind and life to the intended person or persons to propagate harm.

Love helps
Love is mutually shared
Love does not sit back and criticize
Love is selfless
Love seeks to bring clarity of confusion
Love sacrifices itself
Love begets itself
Love never quits
Love never fails

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