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Fall 2021  Celebrating GOD  Unit 1 –  God’s People Offer Praise

This unit has four lessons that give examples of persons who celebrate God. Both Moses and the prophet Miriam sing songs of praise for God’s mighty acts. David dances before the ark as he brings it into Jerusalem. Bartimaeus glorifies God in Mark. In Acts, after their experience of Pentecost and Peter’s sermon, early believers enter into a life of praise for God’s redemption through Jesus Christ.

Lesson 1—Praise with Music
People compose poems and songs for celebrations. After deliverance from Egyptian slavery, Moses and Miriam led the people in praising God in song. 

Lesson 2—Praise in Dance
Celebrations can be diverse in form and action. King David expressed his celebration of God by dance. 

Lesson 3Praise by Expecting and Following
People react to life’s challenges differently. Bartimaeus’s bold faith in Jesus resulted in receiving his sight. 

Lesson 4— Praise for Salvation
Celebrations reveal one’s way of seeing and being in the world. In that regard, do celebrations do more to unify divided people or to reveal a unity that already exists? The first Christians’ praise of God coincided with their “having favour with all the people” as “the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved.”


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Fall Bible Study SeriesGetting the Most Out of the Parables

Join us every Wednesday as we take a detailed look at these simple stories that will impart life-changing spiritual lessons.


Lesson 1     September 1st         Parable  of the Sower
Lesson 2    September 8th        The “Lost” Parables
Lesson 3    September 15th      The Good Samaritan
Lesson 4    September 22nd    The Unforgiving Servant
Lesson 5    September 29th     The Widow and the Judge
Lesson 6    October 6th             The Wheat and the Weeds
Lesson 7    October 13th           Parable of Money and Self-Worth
Lesson 8   October 20th          Wise and Foolish Virgins