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Winter 2021  Justice, Law, History   Unit 2 – God: The Source of  Justice

This unit has  five lessons that focus on God’s justice in the lives of God’s people and in the gift of the Law. Stories in Genesis reveal God’s justice in the face of human injustice. Included are stories of Cain’s murder of his brother Abel as well as Hagar and Ishmael being cast out of Abraham’s household. Exodus demands justice for all people including one’s enemies. In Deuteronomy, judges, officials, and priests work together to administer justice for God’s people In particular, Deuteronomy demands justice for marginalized people.

Lesson 5    Justice, Vengeance, and Mercy
Unjustified and uncontrolled anger has consequences. God punished Cain because he allowed his anger to turn to rage and then to murder.

Lesson 6    Injustice and Hope
People sometimes face situations that feel hopeless. Genesis shows that even though Hagar and Ishmael’s circumstances changed, God was still with them.

Lesson 7   Justice and Fairness
It can be tempting to treat friends with more leniency and enemies with more harshness than they deserve. But God demands justice for all people, including one’s enemies.

Lesson 8   Justice, Judges, and Priests
Distortions and manipulations of justice are nothing new. Yet the ancient book of Deuteronomy still provides principles to remedy this problem.

Lesson 9   Justice and the Marginalized
Deuteronomy demands justice for all, including those who are poor or otherwise marginalized. 




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The Courage to Face Opposition

(January 5 – March 23, 2022)

Nehemiah was a leader of Israel. He faced opposition and difficulty from every side — even from his own people. Yet he stood against all his enemies, trusting only in God. 

As we journey through this twelve session Bible Study to dig into the Old Testament story of Nehemiah, you will discover how this leader’s courage and faith can inspire you as you struggle to live a life pleasing to God.

Lesson 1: Depending on God – Nehemiah 1   Lesson 1 Replay

Lesson 2: The Planning Process – Nehemiah 2   Lesson 2 Replay

Lesson 3: Working Together – Nehemiah 3    Lesson 3 Replay

Lesson 4: Opposition from the Outside – Nehemiah 4

Lesson 5: Opposition from Within – Nehemiah 5

Lesson 6: Facing Intimidation – Nehemiah 6

Lesson 7: Family History – Nehemiah 7

Lesson 8: Revival – Nehemiah 8

Lesson 9: Confession Commitment – Nehemiah 9-10

Lesson 10: Big Decisions – Nehemiah 11

Lesson 11: Service Integrity – Nehemiah 12

Lesson 12: Love That Challenges – Nehemiah 13

March 30, 2022: NO BIBLE STUDY